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Case Studies: Ev3

A rapidly growing, globally active leader in the medical device industry, faced with the need for an International Controller and the eventual relocation of its International Finance Director, had a difficult decision to make.  The company could opt to fill both roles, ensuring the fulfillment of all senior financial functions but limiting opportunity at the Controller level, or hire a promising Controller and hope he or she would be ready to move up in short order.  In either case, surfacing candidates with appropriate international experience at the Controller level would be difficult. 

Recognizing that the correct strategy would reveal itself only through substantive candidate interaction, we lined up candidates at both levels, employing all of our data and research resources to identify candidates at both levels. In the process, we zeroed in on a third distinct echelon of “on the cusp” candidates – experienced, internationally-tested Controllers with the commercial savvy to serve as the current International Finance Director’s understudy for six months to a year before assuming his role.  The result was the hiring of a rising, versatile finance talent from the EMEA division of a renowned U.S. high-tech giant, followed shortly by a seamless handoff of responsibilities.  Today, the company continues to build on its impressive growth, recently acquiring its largest competitor and continuing to drive innovation across its sector.